Oneness of God
- "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD"

Eternal Omnipotent Immutable Omniscient Sovereign Wrath Goodness Omnipresent Spirit One

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God Is - Language is Too Inadequate to Describe Him

GOD IS! Language, any language, is totally inadequate to describe God. We use terms such as absolute, infinite, boundless, indivisible, omnipresent, ad infinitum. Language is limited in that it can only relate to objects - whether visible or invisible - which are finite.

This encompasses all of creation - the physical world and the spirit world. It includes living, rational, and intelligent beings such as man and angels, the universe, earth, and the heavens - down to the minutest sub-atomic particle.

But language fails in its attempt to describe a Being Who is indescribable. God, simply put, IS! He exists uncreated, absolute, and sovereign. God has no need for anything He has created. He doesn't need the universe, nor the heaven of heavens, the sun, moon, stars, nor man. God has no need for material or immaterial creation at all. We, however, do.

Everything that exists HAS a cause with the exception of God; He is UNCAUSED. This means that space, matter, and time were brought into existence by He WHO is uncaused - God.

Since space, matter, and time had a cause, there was a time (for want of a better word) when they did not exist. Consequently there was a time when there was nothing in existence but God.

God created space, matter, and time in preparation for the creation of His crowning achievement - man. Man and angels need matter - whether material or immaterial. We could not exist sanefully without it.

Let us examine the matter of the creation of space, matter, and time a little more closely. They were created SOLELY for the benefit of man. God DOESN'T NEED them.

God IS altruistic. This means that He is concerned for the welfare of His creation and derives no personal benefit from it whatsoever. God gives SELFLESSLY.

But the ultimate gift that God has in store for mankind is HIMSELF. Creation in and of itself will NEVER truly and completely satisfy. Though necessary, God's ULTIMATE purpose for man is unfathomable joy in HIMSELF!

God is ABSOLUTE. He cannot grow in perfection and there is NOTHING which can detract (take away) from His Perfection. He CANNOT become anything because that would mean that He is less than perfect. All of this is encompassed in the phrase GOD IS.

God has no need for creation. It does nothing to enhance His Being nor is it necessary to provide Him pleasure. God is fully satisfied and derives pleasure and fulfillment from His OWN EXISTENCE.

The creation of space, matter, and time is recorded in Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." Time is the element upon which God framed space and matter.

God Is - Omnipresent

A term frequently used to describe God's bigness is omnipresent. That means that God is everywhere. But the term 'everywhere' is finite. It describes a place which may be vast, but necessarily finite.

God is beyond 'everywhere.' All that exists - everything - is WITHIN God. Creation is finite by definition. It has boundaries ... limitations.

Andromeda galaxy

Space is vast ... it is mind-boggling. Pictured left is the Andromeda galaxy. It is huge. Astronomers estimate it to be twice as large as the Milky Way galaxy (where earth is located.)

The Andromeda galaxy is estimated to be over 2 million light-years from the Milky Way galaxy.

(A light-year is a measurement of the distance light travels in a year. Light travels approximately 186,282 miles per second. It travels 6 trillion miles in one year.)

As vast as these distances are, there are millions of other galaxies even further away. But finite distances cannot be compared with the infinite. God is INFINITE in His extent.

King Solomon was well aware of the limitless presence of God:

"But will God indeed dwell on the earth? behold, the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain thee; how much less this house that I have builded?" (I Kings 8:27)

God Is - Spirit

God is immaterial. That is to say He is not made of anything which could remotely be conceived of as corporeal. But to be blunt, it is incorrect to think God is 'made' of anything because that suggests a substance which is indentified with God. God simply IS!

The Bible says that God is spirit (the Greek is relating to God's essense and does not need an indefinite article, 'a'- John 4:24.)

But again we run into the limitations of language. 'Spirit' is a term the Holy Spirit uses by which our finite intelligence could relate. For, you see, we have a spirit and angels are spirit beings.

However, our spirts were created by God. God, in contrast, as to His essence is Spirit. He is Spirit by His very nature.

God Is - One

By definition then God is a WHOLE, INDIVISIBLE, solitary Being. He is ONE. No matter how man rationalizes the Scriptures, ALL biblical understanding must be viewed as NOT compromising His indivisible ONENESS.

Once this is realized, it becomes inconceivable that some would speculate that God "subsists" in persons - that He is a "trinity" of sorts. That unbiblical concept brings Him down to our finite understanding and divides a Being Who is by nature indivisible.

God Is - Eternal

"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity..." (Isaiah 57:15a.)

The Bible is God's revelation of Himself to man. God doesn't attempt to prove His existence but merely declares it. Since He has given EVERY man the knowledge of His existence (John 1:9,) He holds ALL mankind accountable.

God IS! That means He was never born, created, or in any manner brought into existence. God has ALWAYS existed!

The human mind cannot conceive of a Being Who is uncaused and Who CANNOT cease to exist.

John 1:1 gives us a peek into eternity as Genesis 1:1 gives us a peek back through time into creation.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."

Because God is unfathomable in His essence and because He is limitless in extent (again, He is ONE, WHOLE, and ABSOLUTE), John 1:1 DOES NOT signify two distinct beings each of whom is God. That concept by its very nature disrobes God of His nature and renders Him finite!

God CANNOT be rendered or made less than His infinite Being. And it is impossible for the human intellect to comprehend Him.

In other words, don't try to "figure" God out. Just ACCEPT without rationalization that HE IS and that he is - shall we say - complicated?

Since John 1:1 looks at eternity, it pre-dates Genesis 1:1. As I previously stated that language is woefully inadequate to describe God, 'eternity' doesn't describe God but rather God defines eternity.

"God is outside of time. He is an eternally self-existing, self-defining, living Being. Since he created time as we know it, we can think of past, present, and future are eternally present before His eyes" ( .)

We find it difficult to imagine how God is able to minister and bless mankind on an individual basis within the confines of time. Note the following in regards to the prayers of people in distress:

"Since God is outside of time, past, present and future are always present before Him. Consider the case of a sudden airplane disaster where all the passengers and crew have but moments to cry out to God in a hundred or more sudden, separate, desperate prayers. God has all of eternity to hear even the shortest of these prayers, to review all the lives and facts and His own timetables for history---He knows every heart, every motive, all the facts and He has all the time in the world to take a myriad of data into consideration before answering or denying each one of those prayers! He can take His time, all the time He needs, and yet not fail to answer every one of these simultaneous prayers, each with justice, compassion, and certitude. He does not need to make split-second decisions as we do, He is never caught off guard, and when He does act He can accomplish the impossible in a flash" (

Because God is outside of time and it is among His creation, He circumscribes it. That is, God encompasses time.

We can think of time as a chronological sequence of events. It consists of past, present, and future events. But what if there were no past, present, or future? That is eternity.

Remember, eternity doesn't describe God, God descibes and gives meaning to eternity. This is the significance of HE IS. God inhabits a perpetual NOW. He doesn't have to wait to see what is going to happen. In reality, as far as our limited minds can comprehend, God is equally cognizant of what we consider as past, present, and future events.

What is another way of expressing HE IS or Now? I AM! The name that God revealed to Moses in Exodus 3:14 is in the Hebrew ehyeh asher ehyeh (I AM THAT I AM.)

I AM is the Hebrew tetragrammaton, YHWH (Yahweh or Jehovah.) I AM connotes eternal, self-existence which is the essential nature of God.

(God has now revealed a name which is above EVERY name - including Yahweh - Jesus. Jesus means Yahweh Savior. This entire website is about the ONLY true, ONE, absolute, indivisible God - JESUS.)

God Is - Unlimited in His Ability To Do

Power is defined as 'the ability to do, act, or produce an effect.' God is as UNLIMITED in His ability to do or in His power as He is in extent. Power is God's inherently - it is his by nature.

"God hath spoken once, twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God" (Psalms 62:11.)

God is INFINITE in His power. He is able to do whatever His will desires. No one - no matter how "powerful" - can restrain the power of God. No one can oppose it.

"And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?" (Daniel 4:35)

We often imagine that Satan and his demons and wicked angels are in a battle against God. But this is no more a battle than I am a multi-billionaire.

A battle presupposes that any one of the combatants has a chance to win - or at least come to a draw. The forces of evil have no chance whatsoever of coming to a draw let alone win against God. Satan opposes the will of God but that is the limit of it. Long story short - Satan CAN'T win!

Such is the UNLIMITED POWER of God that He uses the opposition of evil to further His will - His eternal plan.

space cloudFrom our human perspective, there was no more an awesome demonstration of the power of God than through creation (Genesis 1:1.) This nebula or space cloud, along with space and time, is a part of the matter that was created during creation week.

Such is the unlimited power of God that He not only created space, matter, and time by "speaking" them into existence, but they were not made with any pre-existing material. They were created ex-nihilo, Latin for out of nothing.

"By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth" (Psalms 33:6.)

Physical laws were created and put in place when God made the heavens and the earth. The law of gravity and the extremely complex laws of mathematics and physics were made which govern our physical world.

These laws are unforgiving. In other words, man has to work in conjunction with these laws, and not in opposition to them, in order to accomplish such marvels as space travel.

But Habakkuk 3:4 says that such is but the hiding of God's power.

"And his brightness was as the light; he had horns coming out of his hand: and there was the hiding of his power."

It is IMPOSSIBLE for finite creation - as space, matter, and time are - to demonstrate infinite or unlimited power. "...There is infinitely more power lodged in the nature of God than is expressed in all of His works" (Pink, A.W. 1981, Gleanings in the Godhead. The Power of God.)

Infinite power, as well as unlimited presence (omnipresence) and unlimited knowledge (omniscience), are attributes limited to God. They CANNOT be shared with creatures (you and me and angels.)

Not to be confused with the unlimited power of God is the truth that God CANNOT do anything that is contrary to His nature. God CANNOT lie, nor can He sin. These are contrary to the nature of God and far from de-throning Him, they establish His essential Being.

God also will not do anything nonsensical like make 'dry' water or a square circle. He is not capricious or subject to whim.

God Is - Immutable

Essential to God's essence is His immutability; this simply means that God CANNOT change in any of His attributes. He CANNOT change His mind either.

God's immutability or unchangeableness is rooted in His perfections. Perfection means that nothing can be added or subtracted because He CANNOT be made better NOR can it be made worse.

"For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed" (Malachi 3:6.)

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (James 1:17.)

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever" (Hebrews 13:8.)

All that God is now, He HAS BEEN for ALL eternity; all that God is now, He WILL be for all eternity. Since God is infinite or unlimited in His presence or extent, how can He be where He is not now? Since God has ALL (infinite) power, how can HE gain any more power?

Man's knowledge constantly changes. That is why encyclopedias and history and science textbooks are always undergoing revisions. Man discovers better methods of research and newer technology which makes existing 'facts' false.

Where man is concerned, the one thing that will NEVER change is that things will always change!

God, however, is a God of TRUTH, NOT facts. Truth is eternal and can NEVER change.

God Is - Sovereign

A sovereign is anyone who exercises supreme, final authority. God is sovereign. Since He is Creator of ALL, He is sovereign of ALL by virtue of right of creation.

"Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure" (Isaiah 46:10.)

"But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased" (Psalms 115:3.)

Theologian Arthur W. Pink says the following:

"...Infinitely elevated above the highest creature, He is the Most High, Lord of heaven and earth; subject to none, influenced by none, absolutely independent. God does as He pleases, only as He pleases, always as He pleases..." (Pink, Arthur, Gleanings in the Godhead, The Sovereignty of God, para. 1.)

In the court of appeals, God is the FINAL authority. NO ONE supersedes Him.

God reigns supreme in ALL He does. God did not create the heavens and earth, nor man himself, because He was under some duty or obligation, but because He desired to. EVERYTHING God does is right because He does it.

One may ask the question that if God is sovereign, why did He create Lucifer who He KNEW would rebel, the demons, even man who sinned?

God did so because He chose to. Yes, He knew that Lucifer and those he convinced to rebel with him would reject His rule. He also knew that Adam would knowingly sin.

The answer lies in what my former pastor once told the congregation. "What God creates, He CONTROLS!"

Rather than detracting from His sovereignty and His infinite knowledge and wisdom, man's sin and the angels' rebellion confirms God's absolute power and authority. Nothing that the creature does can upset, hinder, delay, change, or in any way "throw a monkey wrench" into God's predetermined counsel.

ALL rebellion that is perpretrated by the creature (man and angels) can ought but further God's eternal plan.

"In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will" (Ephesians 1:11.)

The Wrath of God

Do you realize that there are more references in the Bible to God's wrath and anger than there are to His love? It's true.

"For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteous of men, who hold the truth in unrighteous" (Romans 1:18.)

God's wrath is just as real as His love. God is holy and righteous and anything which contradicts those virtues MUST BE punished by a JUST God.

"See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand...I will render vengeange to mine enemies, and will reward them that hate me" (Deuteronomy 32:39,41b.)

God's justice demands that sin be punished. Sin is a blot against the very nature of God. If God be God, it MUST be punished.

Arthur W. Pink writes:

"...Indiffrence to sin is a moral blemish, and he who does not hate it is a moral leper. How could He who is the sum of all excellency look with equal satisfaction upon virtue and vice, wisdom and folly? How could He who is infinitely holy disregard sin and refuse to manifest His 'severity' (Romans 9:12) toward it?" (Pink, Arthur, Gleanings in the Godhead, The Wrath of God, para. 3.)

A perfect example of the wrath of God was displayed on Calvary. The man Jesus was made sin for us and therefore God in His holiness had to reject, forsake, and punish Him.

"And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" (Matthew 27:46.)

Jesus endured the wrath of God for a few hours but those who forsake Him will endure it for all eternity in hell.

"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matthew 25:41.)

Hell demonstrates frighteningly the wrath of God. The eternal place of conscious torment which was originally prepared for Satan and his wicked angels will also confine ALL who reject the Lamb of God.

Unrepentant sinners will be subject to the wrath of God for ALL ETERNITY! "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31.)

At the consummation of all things, there will be no more sin. All will be in harmony with God. In all of God's vast creation there will be only one part where ALL wicked angels and man will be eternally confined suffering unrelentingly the wrath of God - HELL!

God Is - Omniscient

"Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do" (Hebrews 4:13.)

God knows ALL. His knowledge not only includes what has happened, what is presently happening, and what will happen in the future, but what may happen under any possible circumstance or any number of circumstances.

God's knowledge is comprehensive in that He knows everything that is possible to know concerning ALL creation where it exists.

God's knowledge MUST NOT be confused with man's knowledge. Man's knowledge is what he has gained through discovery or familiarity. He has knowledge of physics because he has discovered the laws of physics which has been established by God.

God's knowledge on the other hand encompasses actually creating physical laws to which ALL material creation is subject. Prior to God creating the heavens and the earth, there was NO KNOWLEDGE. In other words, the only Being in existence was God. There was no law of gravity nor law of entropy. Neither was there any theory of relativity because there was no energy, mass, or light in existence (E=MC squared.)

Everything that man calls knowledge - astronomy, physics, mathematics, etc. - was created by God. One plus one equals two (1 + 1 = 2) because God ordained it so. There is nothing inherent in those two numbers which dictate they must be equal to two.

The mathematical constant pi equals 3.14 carried out to infinity because God so designed and created it so. The moon's gravitational pull is one-sixth that of earth because God declared it to be so.

I mentioned previously that God knows everything that may happen to everyone who has ever existed and who will live at some future time. What if I hadn't gotten up and gone to work this morning? How would that have affected my day?

God knows what may happen to or the consequence of any action for every living creature - man, angel, and animal - if any other path had been taken other than what was actually taken.

Nothing occurs by happenstance. There is no luck - good or bad - with God. No action or thought can take place which God did not permit or allow.

"Nothing relating to the future is uncertain so far as the actualization of God's counsels are concerned. None of His decrees are left contingent either upon creatures or secondary causes. There is no future event which is only a mere possibility, that is, something which may or may not come to pass" ( Pink, Arthur, Gleanings in the Godhead, The Knowledge of God, pg. 21.)

"Nothing has ever come to pass, or ever will, merely because God knew it. The cause of all things is the will of God" (Pink, Arthur, Gleanings in the Godhead, The Knowledge of God, pg. 21.)

God Is - Good

"Good and upright is the LORD..." (Psalms 25:8a.)

"...the goodness of God endureth continually" (Psalms 52:1b.)

"Thou art good, and doest good..." (Psalms 119:68a.)

God is intrinsically and essentially good. He cannot be otherwise. God's goodness is as much His nature as is His immutability or His omnipotence. After each creative act recorded in the book of Genesis, God pronounced it good. There was no flaw nor imperfection nor could it have been made better.

As God eternally exists so is His goodness eternal. He was good before His goodness was revealed by giving existence to intelligent beings.

The ultimate display of God's goodness is seen in His redemption of sinful man. God would have been fully justified in condemning man to an eternal hell. But He elected to redeem man back to Himself by providing Himself as the required sacrifice. "And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together" (Genesis 22:8.)

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